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    Booked Documents

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      OK, I've done this more than once without a problem, but now I'm suddenly having a strange problems and it's probably because I've forgotten an important setting.  I have a book file created (indb) and open and I have 2 documents (indd) in the book document window.  The first is numbered from 1-21 in the book document (indb) and in the single file(indd) which is correct.  The next is numbered from 22-75 in the single file (indd), but is numbered 1-54 in the book document (indb).  I have the Book Page Numbering Options set to "Continue from previous document" (which it's not doing) and I have the box checked "Automatically Update Page & Sectoin Numbers.  What setting am I forgetting?  It appears that all is good, but still when I go to "Update Numbering" > "Update All Numbers" it just doesn't work.  The actual page numbers in the individual documents are different than in the collective book document.  Can anyone explain this?