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    Premiere Elements 10 Crashes and nVidia Drivers

    K9 Wolf

      Well it appears Premiere Elements 10 (PrE 10) still has problems with some nVidia cards and drivers as did previous versions (see the many similar posts for versions 8 and 9).


      After a successful install of PrE 10, the first time (and every time thereafter) I tried to create a new project. It allowed me to select the new project name and location, then briefly displayed the workspace before crashing to the desktop. After numerous uninstalls/reinstalls and contacting tech support it seems the only workaround they have at this time is to essentially disable the nVidia drivers functionality and use the generic windows driver (see below for system specs and workaround). This is problematic as many other applications require/benefit from the nVidia driver. Especially with dual monitors.


      If anyone has come across a better solution please post it for the benefit of myself and others.


      System Specs- XP Pro 32 bit SP3, 4 Gig RAM, Intel Q6600, nVidia 8600 GT 256kb (Driver ver 285.58) . All drivers are most current available at time of this posting.




      This workaround is currently allowing me to at least enter PrE 10 without crashing, but I've not tested it with extensive use of the program yet. Try this at your own risk.


      In XP right click on the desktop.  Then Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshoot->Hardware Acceleration= None.


      I am able to get PrE 10 to load with one notch to the right of none. So you may want to start with none and work your way up from there to see where it crashes again.


      If this works or doesn't work for you please post your results and your system specs so others can benefit as well.