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    FLV Issues

    jeffabruce Level 1
      I read about this issue on some random forum and it appeared to get an acknowledgement from Adobe. I didn't find anything about it when I searched here, so I thought I should document it here. I will also report this as a bug.

      There appears to be some problem related to opening FLVs using NetStream (at least via AS2). I have a Flash app that works fine as a projector. However, when used inside an AIR HTML framework, playing an FLV (referenced relatively) causes a "StreamNotFound" error.

      I have worked around the issue by:
      - Using a SWF (instead of an HTML file) as the "content" in my application descriptor file. Or,
      - Using an absolute path with a "file://" protocol instead of "app:/"

      Clearly these workarounds may have undesirable side-effects, so it is something that needs to be fixed.

      I have not yet tried an AS3 SWF to see if that helps.