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      Dear SendNow Team,


      First, my sincere gratitude for your efforts in providing an excellent service.  I am developer and, as a Basic member, have appreciated the ease with which I can send large files to my colleagues without going through the rigamarole of setting up ftp / sftp / etc.


      Second, as I have used the application, I think the following suggestions would help improve customer experience and provide this service a competitive lead over the other services available.

      1.  Provide an address book.  It doesn't need to sync with exchange, google, or other accounts, but some way to associate names and groups with emails would be fantastic.

      2.  Provide a receive files link.  If I wanted folks to send me large files, as a subscriber, it would be great if I could provide them a link that allowed them to "send" me a file (i.e. upload files to my account).

      3.  Offer a plan or capability to remove much of the adobe marketing to more personalize the email.  While the service offers logo support, in effect this creates an intrusive overlay on what is primarily an adobe presentation.  In other words, in leiu of advertising, generate revenue from paid subscriptions.

      *****4.  Ease the restrictions placed on sent files.  As a developer, the virus scanning and tarball restrictions has on a number of occasions prevented me from using this capability.  Ultimately, I will most likely have to opt for another service (i.e. yousendit) so that I can get code releases and packages out to the necessary parties.  I understand the need for computer security, but the level of risk aversion SendNow has adopted squeezes the development community out of the SendNow marketspace.

      5.  Mobile apps.  It would be great to get updates on file downloads from a remote application.


      No doubt your team is actively working on some of these.  Am happy to discuss further.