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    Video plays on timeline but will not render.




      I'm currently editing training videos for a company. I recorded them on a Sony HDD camera. They are in a .MOV format. The original videos are around an hour long. I recorded separate audio, so I end up having three audio tracks and one video track. I am splitting the videos up into about 30 min segments.


      I'm exporting them to H.264. The files play back fine in Premiere. The problem is, when I export them, there is no progress. It stays at 0%. I've waited for up to 10-15 minutes, and nothing happens.


      I also tried to test render just one minute of the video. Nothing happens. It says it is rendering, but it stays at zero percent.


      I'm supposed to have these files for my client ready very shortly. Does anyone have any idea what I should do? I tried converting the files to H.264 before I loaded them on the timeline, but the same thing happens. Other files render perfectly fine.


      I would greatly appreciate any help


      Thanks so much,