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    Moving to Mac - Captivate and Parallels and Crossgrade license

    Tammy_Moore Level 2

      I have the eLearning Suite (included Captivate) for Windows. My PC motherboard is about to die, so I am moving to a new system for Christmas. I am one of the last PC holdouts in my family and they are ecstatic to convert me. lol


      I am going with parallels so that my PC software can still be used - Mostly OneNote which I couldn't function without but it is Windows only. I have discovered that I can crossgrade my PC eLEarning Suite license over to the MAC version. I am trying to plan ahead a little and have all my ducks in a row. Does anyone have experience with Captivate recording using Parallels with the PC version or that has cross graded that can give me some of the pros and cons? With parallels, can I only record what is running within the Window's window? I would assume that if I run it in a crossgrade to Mac license that would let me record software tutirials running in any operating system window?