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    AIR change filename in print dialog




      This is a pretty obscure request, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's no way to do it currently...


      We are printing from a desktop AIR app, and usually the content is printed to a PDF file instead of a printer.


      The Mac gives you this option natively, on Windows a plugin is needed.


      On both systems, there is a default file name given to the pdf file before the user prints it to the file.

      On Mac it's 'untitled.pdf' on Windows it's "Flash.pdf"


      Is there any way to set the default file name to a custom name we provide?



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          Hi there,


          found this topic with google, searching for the same question.


          Did you (or anybody else) found a solution to that issue?


          In fact, i only need to know if it's possible or not to change that file name (to project name or any custom name).


          I found a discussion on a blog, where someone is saying that it's not possible to set the document when printing from flash...


          Anyway, i need some official statement to this


          thank you,




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            I never found a way to change the filename it prints to. I don't think there is anything in the AIR api that allows you to touch this. If there is a way to do it, perhaps it could be done with a native extension, but that would take some work.