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    Blurry Stills and Titles

    Pturano Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I am new to the forum so go easy on me


      I have used Premiere in the past and just recently came back to it. I have Premiere CS 5.5. I just created a very simple sequence consisting of stills and a few titles that I created with the Title tool. The stills are hi res images, yet when I render out the project, they are no where near as clear as they should be.


      The Image sizes are 576x 874

      I am using the motion effect to move across some of the images.

      I am exporting to H.264 so that I can post it on our You Tube channel

      I have tried resizing in Photoshop and that didnt work. I have tried to de-interlace, that didnt work.


      I have exported the media out and played it back and it still looks blurry. I am viewing on a flat screen computer monitor.


      I know there have been countless posts about this, but I have tried what seems to have worked for the others and I have not been as successful.