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    Opinions wanted on what hardware to upgrade to


      My motherboard and/or CPU just crashed and I am now faced with either upgrading or starting from scratch.  In either case, I will keep all my hard drives and case and power supply.  In fact, if I upgrade, I will also keep my current memory, and if I start from scratch, I will replace the memory, CPU, and motherboard.  So, here are my choices (current hardware listed below):

      1. Replace MB and CPU
      2. Replace MB, CPU, and memory


      1. If I choose #1 above, I thought about getting the same MB as current.  This would make it easy to guarantee compatibility with my current hardware.  It would be nice to get a few more Sata ports, but the expansion card is working for now.  CPU might be i7-970-6 cores.  A new different MB would have to be able to use current memory and be compatible with the Revodrive.
      2. Choice #2 could be wide open; the only requirement is that it would have to be compatible with my Revodrive, such as the Asus P9X79 motherboard.

      Since I do video editing – PPro CS5 with 90 minute MTS video files, what components would you suggest for choice #2?  Is X79 (LGA 2011) the best architecture for video editing?  I would consider the Asus P9X79 motherboard.


      Current Hardware

      CPU = i7 920
      Memory = OCZ  DDR-1600 – 6 sticks at 2GB each
      MB = Asus P6T Deluxe V2

      Other hardware to consider:

      RevoDrive X2 240GB
      nVidia GTX 470
      Case = Coolermaster ATCS 80
      PS = Corsair XT750
      PCI-Sata expansion card
      Several hard drives and fans