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    Request a plugin programing for photoshop


      that is there anyone here who can help me with finding a customized software,plugins for photoshop or any other program which can be able to do the following mentioned works automatically?

      my main purpose:to index a image in photoshop and then lessen the number of the colors of the image without a remarkable drop in quality of the image and to make it more vivid in a special way that in witch we could have  parts of an image , such as eyes ,ears,noses,mouths in human pictures and leaves and stalk of trees in nature pictures and leaves of flowers in flower picture more clarified ,vivid and outstanding.


      1. 1.to cut each part of the image with the same of The color spectrum into many, and saving them in another page and lessen the numbers of the color with a remarkable drop in quality and continue this same pattern until finishing with all parts of the image
      2. 2. after completing the first step ,to put those parts of image in step 1 together and also to put color tables of parts of image in step1 together,and to make a new color table witch contains all those color tables of those parts.


      I send you first image and the second image witch is the outcome of picture 1 being processed.


      The attached zip files included two bitmap images







      .if this is not possible please be kind enough to introduce me websites,program writers or companies who can  do this and i order a customized photoshop or customized softwares or plugins.


      if more details needed let me know in order to send you pictures in full details and its process in pictures