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    10 x Printing Problems


      Anyone having issues printing with 10x.  A co-worker was using the same version, and this morning while attempting to print a pdf, Adobe experienced an unexpected error and closed.  Now a few hours later, mine is doing the exact same thing and can't print any pdf I open.  It's not a printer issue, so I'm assuming it's 10x.  The help topics are about useless.  Anyone have/had the same problem and no what the fix is? :/

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          Yes, ever since upgrading to X, my office is unable to print large size prints. Reader doesn't recognize any paper size other than 8.5 x 11 and won't resize the page when attempting to print any other size. I had to uninstall and downgrade back to 9.4 just to be able to print and tell everyone not to upgrade if they got prompted.  This happened quite a while ago (at least 6 months ago) and the problem still isn't fixed, Adobe must really be concentrating on other projects.

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            thisishap Level 1

            Same problem here.  Extremely disappointed by this stupid new version.  I cannot print my maps anymore. 

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              Same problem here. I am using Windows Xp. When did 10 x come in? This just started last night (10/13). I cannot print any pdf's.  AAAaarrgh!!

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                Clive Capel

                I finally gave in to constant pop-ups about upgrading from version 9 to version X.  Reader hasn't worked properly since.  For example I can no longer select 'properties' when I change printers (for example when chosing a duplex printer).  Also the program hangs for no apparent reason, and quite frequently closes without explanation followed by the 'send report to Microsoft?' box.

                Previous versions of Adobe Reader have been solid.  This one is so flaky I dread having to open anything.

                Anyone have any ideas?

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                  1Ramana Level 1

                  If you hear any news about this, please let me know. I'll do the same.