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    Generate HTML help copies all CHM files in the project folder to the "generate" folder


      I maintain a merged HTML project that consists of a Master Project with links to 21 CHM files.  When text in a project references text in another CHM file, that CHM file is copied to the project folder of the calling project.  When I generate, the newly generated file is copied to a common folder (mine is called GENERATE).  This folder should contain the most recent CHM files for all my projects and until upgrading to RH9, it worked fine.  Now, in RH9, when I generate, not just the project CHM is copied to the GENERATE folder, but all CHM files within the project folder are copied as well, and frequently these overlay newer, updated CHM files.


      Am I doing something wrong in RH9? The individual projects (CHM files) are updated frequently and trying to copy the most recent file to every project each time I generate any file is time consuming and is fast becoming a maintenance nightmare.


      I'd certainly welcome any suggestions.