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    Do I need to invest in a new graphiccard?

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      Finally I have (almost) decided to buy a new pc to release my 2 1/2 years old i7 920 from duty.

      Got my eyes on a i7 3930k 32 gb ram 240 hyperx ssd (system) and 2x1 TB (data)  sata 6gb/s barracuda in raid 0. Actually there is a quadro 2000 in the system, but I have invested in a fx3800 for 1000$ just 10 months ago and thought that might be ok for now? i could get a downgrade to a gtx 570 but how much would I really gain doing that instead of just keeping my fx3800? In wich situations would I really get anything out of having the gtx 570 instead of the fx3800? I use premiere Pro cs 5.5 - mostly for straight editing avchd files (very seldom more than one layer and just 2-3 effects like looks or colour correction) and plan to do some AE work in the future - but still guess it will not be really heavy effects...besides I mainly work with PS, AI and DW. Never doing any 3D stuff and my pc is for work only and not gaming (at All)!!! Any clues? i hope to be able to keep my fx3800 - saving some money...



      Thx in advance.




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          In your situation I would go for a GTX 580. Your current Quadro FX 3800 is of an older GPU generation, based on a cut, underclocked version of the GTX 260 with a 256-bit DDR3 memory bus instead of the 448-bit DDR3 memory bus of the regular GTX 260. The Quadro 2000 is newer - but it is actually an underclocked GeForce GTS 450.


          In other words, you wasted your $1000 on that FX 3800 that performs slower in CS5.5 than a GeForce GTX 260 that cost six times less money. Likewise, the Quadro 2000 is four times more expensive than a GeForce GTS 450 yet still underperforms the GPU it is based on. On the other hand, if you are using or planning to use 3D design programs in addition to the usual content creation programs, then a Quadro will likely perform better. Thus, a Quadro is a total waste of money if you're only going to edit video on your system.


          And the reason why I'm recommending the GTX 580 rather than the GTX 570 for Sandy Bridge-E (LGA 2011) is balance. A lesser GPU would render the entire LGA 2011/X79 platform a waste of money (or put it this way, the performance gain over a lesser i7-2600K/LGA 1155/Z68 platform would be nowhere near as great as would have been expected by the relatively high cost of the LGA 2011/X79 platform).

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            Thank you for answering ;-)


            Sadly this was excactly the answer I had feared most....


            I have upgraded my pc´s during the last two years trying to get better performance when editting AVCHD material. First upgradede the whole system, then more RAM, then from GTX 285 to FX3800. Nothing seemed to help much. My hope was that this upgrade from i7 920 to 3930 and from 12 to 32 GB RAM and from 2 x 1,5 TB SATA3 to 2 X 1 TB SATA 6 RAID0 would give me more speed - keeping my FX3800?. Anyway - considering the work I do most /short 10-15 minutes one-two layers AVCHD video with 1-3 effects, and I don´t mind waiting for 15-30 minutes for rendering the final moive - how much would I really benefit buying a gtx 580? Will it only be less time exporting and rendering og will editering be considerably smoother? Can you describe what the benefits Will be by upgrading? If it is only less time rendering I quess I could live with that.....Is editting speed (smooth scrubbing etc.) not more a RAID/HDD issue rather than a graphicacard issue?



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I don't mean to crush your hopes here. The i7-3930K is without a doubt a very good improvement over a stock i7-920. But going from 2 x 1.5 TB to 2 x 2 TB SATA6 Aid0 is not going to be noticeable in performance and with current day disk prices seems like a waste of money to exchange them. Adding them would be the wise move. There are still a number of i7-9xx systems that do very good in the Benchmark Results but they have in common that they are overclocked and all have (large) disk arrays.


              In your case I would first see what you can improve on your current system by:


              1. Overclocking (free)

              2. Increasing memory from 12 to 24 GB

              3. Adding a couple of disks

              4. Adding a dedicated Raid controller

              5. Getting a GTX 570/580 to replace the FX 3800


              and of course tuning your system.


              Why is the GPU last? Because encoding the final movie is a CPU matter and the GPU does not help there.


              Why the argument to struggle on a bit with your current system? It is less expensive and - more importantly - the current X79 chipset is crippled in comparison to what was announced. Less SATA6 ports, no PCIe 3.0 support, no SRT support, so it is to be expected that in the future there will be motherboards with an upgraded X79A chipset that meets the promises made by Intel and the early birds will then be at a disadvantage.


              If you still are not satisfied with the systems perfomance after the steps above, you can consider the move to a X79 platform, but the investments made can be ported to the new system.

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                Xoomtell Level 1

                Hi Harm


                I have allready thought about doing something like that, but my old system is 2½ year old now, and it makes noises and the case is to small I guess for more disks etc.


                My current system is like this:


                Operating System

                MS Windows 7 64-bit SP1



                Intel Core i7  @ 2.67GHz

                45nm Technology






                (Socket 1366)

                GIGABYTE EX58-UD4 rev. 1 (http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pID=2988#ov)



                Dell U2711(Digital) on NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800

                Standard PnP-monitor on NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800

                NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800


                Hard Drives

                  1500GB Seagate ST31500341AS ATA Device (IDE) 48 °C

                  1500GB Seagate ST31500341AS ATA Device (IDE) 49 °C


                Optical Drives

                PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-216D ATA Device



                M-Audio FW 410


                My experiences with OC is bad. I have tried on this system and it locks up. need a better cooler I guess. I have three fans in the case - noisy too - even though I bought them afterwards and payed a lot for noiseless ones...am I unlucky

                As you can see my HDD is almost 50 C...and i´m just surfing and usding Word right now...


                So if I do as you suggest I would need to buy:


                1. A new case ? 200$ (I live en Denmark, so the prices are based on danish prices)

                2. New PSU - the old one is so noisy eventhough it is a silent something...could spent 200$ on a Seasonic X-660 X series 80+ Gold.

                3. 2 additional disks? Must be SATA 3 I guess - my MB does not support SATA 3 6GB/s - only 3GB/s - or is it possible to use the RAID controller for that purpose? Might be about 600$ for 2 x 2 TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 SATA-6

                4. RAID controller - 100-200$

                5. GTX580 - costs about 600$ for the 1.5 GB - can get the 3 GB card for about 800$ - wich one is to prefer don´t think I can even get any money for the less than one year old FX3800 - OMG....

                6. More RAM - have to buy new for about 300$


                All in al about 2100$ and a lot of time to get it work...I can buy the 3930 rig above for about 4000$. But I get your point - being the firstmover on the 3930 might be a bad thing to be....next gen will proberbly be better...I feel I´m in a constant waiting position - and upgrading allways leaves me left behind. I will also reconsider the SSD - if it does not help me getting better performance in PPro I cvan not see why I should spend money on that - instead I will buy two more HDD....= heating issues???? Or noise...???

                Anyway - could you pinpoint for me what a GTX 580 would do for me, that the FX3800 would not? Will it playback more smoothly inside PPro CS55 or when will it be worth the extra 600$


                Thx, Harm!




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                  Xoomtell Level 1

                  BTW - just checked up another system that might be a better choice?


                  If I choose i7 2600K instead of 3930 I could get a similar system - ( only 16 GB Ram though ) - and with GTX 580 and 2 X 2 TB RAID0 and for about 3000$ - only 900$ more than an upgrade of my existing system - and without all the hazzle of setting up thing...I have a 3 TB WD Book USB3 (lightning fast can backup all of my existing PCs 2 TB of data in 3 hours) . I could choose to remove the two old HDD from my existing PC and put them into the new PC for backup - maybe in another RAID0 setup? Could this be a (better) solution? I would not have to use too much valuable time to get things working by upgrading existing PC...I could fear some surprises like MOBO not accepting RAID controller or something - remember my upgrades through times from the good old 80386 days...- besides I can not upgrade existing RAM - there is only three slots and to get 24 GB (wich is max for this MOBO) I would have to buy expensive 3 x 8 GB blocks of ram...BUT then again - is 16 GB enough (in the 2600K setup) - the 3930 can easely take 32 GB and more later on....


                  I´m completely lost right now...need some more help and suggestions - what to do/choose...????



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7



                    Let it be a consolation that I also use a i7-920 system that is approaching its 3-rd birthday, but still in 12-th place overall on time and 2-nd place on the RPI. So you are not alone in these considerations.


                    However, you may have some intermediate steps that can help you. In your situation, the case you have is a definite drawback. It is small, it has inadequate cooling and could therefore be the reason you have difficulty with overclocking. Also, that case may be too small to fit a long video card like the 580 at all. The disk temperatures of around 48° C are very high IMO. In my system with 17 disks and 2 BR burners (a tiny bit more crowded than yours) my disk temperatures are around 30° C. So whatever you decide to do, you need a new case that has better airflow to keep temperatures in check.


                    I suggest either a Lian Li PC-A77 or maybe a CoolerMaster HAF932.


                    For a new PSU, I suggest a Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold or a Corsair AX 80 Plus Gold model. I would get at least a 850W model, bur depending on all your components, maybe even more. Check out eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro v2.5, get the Pro version, fill out all the components in your system, including your next planned expansions, set CPU load to 100% and capacitor aging to 30% and then add 10-15% to the calculated wattage for safety.


                    These are components you will need anyway, whether you continue using your current system or going for the 3930.


                    If you want to overclock your current system, I suggest you get a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus CPU cooler. It is not expensive and is a great cooler, but can't be ported to a new system.


                    You must forget about a raid controller in the 100-200 $ range. Calculate at least € 400+ for an 8 port card and up to € 1000 for a 16 or 24 port card. Look at Areca ARC-1880ix-8/12/16/24 or LSI Megaraid SAS. This can be ported to a new system.


                    If you buy two quad packs of 4 x 4GB 1600+ memory, you are safe for the next step. You can start using each pack as two tri-packs with your current system, but when you move to the X79 platform, you can use all 8 sticks.


                    I would delay the purchase of the GTX 580 for the moment. Rather more disks and a raid controller. BTW, SATA3 is backward compatible with SATA2, so you can use SATA3 disks on a SATA2 port. But do not be fooled by the theoretical bandwidth of SATA3. No conventional disk can use the bandwidth of SATA2 fully, let alone SATA3. That is the reason there is no noticeable performance gain from SATA3 ports for single disks. Raid is another matter, and the Areca mentioned above supports SATA3 disks.

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                      JEShort01 Level 4



                      Observations and clarifications:

                      - you have a decent motherboard and CPU right now

                      - your case and power supply need help (Seagates a reaching 49 deg. C at rest and power supply is "too noisy" are both indications of this)

                      - your backup is covered - excellent!

                      - you need more GPU do do what you want



                      - get better / larger case and better / larger power supply; you will need to do this for either route - upgrading or building a new system; note that buying "too much" capacity in the power supply area will provide you with a quieter experience during editing since the variable speed fan can remain in low-speed mode much or all of the time (I use a AX1200 power supply for this very reason even though I do not need anywhere close to 1200 watts and it is VERY quiet)

                      - get a good dual fan cooler and do a minor OC (say around 3.3 to 3.5 GHz); make sure you select a good cooler that can port to a next generation CPU (for future compatibility)

                      - Sell your Quadros; they are still worth money to some users (but as Harm put it very well, just not Premiere Pro CS 5/5.5)

                      - get a new GPU; suggest something with dual or tri fans as opposed to "reference" design cards (560ti, 570, 580 are all good choices); the multiple fans will run cooler and quieter and work great for single video card builds

                      - definitely get 24GB of RAM; your Gigabyte does have 6 slots and 1.5v RAM 1600GHz CAS9 is NOT very expensive right now; get some that the RAM vendor lists as compatible with your motherboard (Gigabyte does not need to list compatibility, but RAM vendor should)

                      - get 2 more big 7200 drives to supplement your current 2x1.5GB RAID 0 array; don't bother with a RAID card unless you dramatically up your price point ($600 to $1400 for Areca, Intel, etc.); note too that you can use 6GB/sec drives in a 3GB/s controller (6GB/s drives tend to have larger memory buffers and will be faster when moved to an eventual faster system that supports 6GB/s)

                      - When you have completed the suggestions listed so far, you will probably be in love with your "new" system; and of course if you still want more, 100% of your expenditures except for the RAM will be utilized for the new build.


                      Good luck!



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                        Xoomtell Level 1

                        Hi Harm & Jim


                        Thank you for your asnwers and suggestions.


                        I tried to figure out the price for what you suggetsed and ended up with an amount almost similar to the 2600K system...if I follow Harms suggestions i will have to pay even more than i would have to pay for the 3930 system with 32 GB RAM?

                        I´m gratefull for your suggestions - really I´m, but I will have to consider pros & cons of choosing an upgrade of my existing system comapred to a brand new one for almost the same price.


                        Just a small upgrade of existing system (12 to 24 GB RAM, new case, 2 more 2 TB HDDs, new cooler, a GTX 580 and 1000W PSU), would cost me about 2000$ - if I choose even more disks and the RAID controller suggested by Harm,  I will end up giving 4000$ for the upgrade of my existing 2½ year old system.

                        I´m not doubting that this would be a great system, and all, but if I for almost the same pricve can get an entire new system only lacking maybe 4 GB ram or 2 X 2 TB HDDs, it could be worth saving some money for 2012 and buy this new system now and then upgrade in 2012 with extra ram etc.


                        Anyway - I think I have some usefull suggestions to consider now, and I´ll try to make my final decsiison based on what you guys have told me. So thanks again! you are great!



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                          Harm Millaard Level 7



                          Morten's main problem with his system in the encoding time of the final movie. If it being encoded to MPEG2-DVD, the memory is his main concern and going for two quad-packs of DDR3-1600+ (Corsair Vengeance for instance) he can port the sticks to a new system but also use them now as if they were tri-packs. If it is encoding to H.264-BR then clock speed becomes the overriding factor and overclocking is even more important than memory.


                          However, in both cases the GPU is of lesser impact, because the encoding is CPU driven, not GPU.


                          Absolute fact is that Morten is plagued by a severe temperature problem that should be his first priority, so case and PSU come first IMO. The cooler can not be ported to a new system, because the X79 mobo requires different mounting than the X58. That was the reason I suggested a very affordable CPU cooler.

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                            Xoomtell Level 1

                            Hi again


                            My problem is not encoding time - I do not care waiting ½ hour rendering a 10 minute movie. I render in H.264.

                            My main issues are the following:


                            1. Slow playback when editing / scrubbing - if i use 1 or 2 effects that is not supported by MPE it is really slow - will it help to buy a GTX 570 ? I doubt - I bought the FX 3800 instead of my old GTX 285 and it did not help on playback speed at all.

                            2. Sometimes - sometimes not at all, other times every 30 minutes - PPro freezes for 10 minutes - but then gets back and works again. Have had this issues for 3 years now on two different PCs. Might be a software issue or something...

                            3. Noisy case, noisye fans, noisy PSU...


                            Besdides from this I can live with 3 minutes startup Windows 7 - 64 Pro, and slow encoding. I do not make more than 10 small 10 minutes movies a year. I do not demand stae of the art, but love when my system is responsive and works fluid, noiseless and smooth.

                            So I think I could go very weel and happy with a 2600K with 16 GB Ram and new fast 2 TB HDDs - but maybe I´m just dreaming - it might not speed up things so much afterall...might be better to just upgrade - ? You guys really made me think twice


                            I also do a lot of work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. I have just bought an update to Master Coellection CS 5.5 - thought it might help on the freezing an random crashes - but it did not. Could be a heating related issue as well I guess....



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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              Most of the time when a machine is apparently frozen (Adobe Premiere Pro is not responding while displaying a greyed screen) this is caused by background services and processes or inadequate disk I/O speed. In those cases it can he helpful to check an article that also applies to Win7: Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista...


                              If you have already checked that out and you have removed the sidebar, MSN, turned off compression and indexing on all your disks, disabled anti-virus and anti-anything and you still have this lagging response, then your disk setup is likely to be the culprit.

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                                Xoomtell Level 1

                                I think it is the disk setup that makes the problems....

                                i have tried disabling almost everything and it still freezes - but onlsy sometimes. I can work a whole day without any problems, and then two days later i have frozzen screen every 30 minutes. Have used days trying to solve this issue, with no luck. Have tried everything - including what you suggest via the link.

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                                  RjL190365 Level 5



                                  The slow playback when editing/scrubbing is not caused by the GPU at all: With your CPU it should have been reasonably fast even with a really cheapo GPU. And since you tried disabling startup services and tweaked the system with no improvement in performance or stability whatsoever, then this boils down to two culprits:


                                  1) A small, cramped case with very poor airflow (as you discovered), and

                                  2) Your system's internal, always-active (and always-available) disk setup and/or choice of drives. You have only two hard disks total (which is workable, but one or more additional fast internal hard disks is strongly recommended). Also, your choice of the 1.5TB Seagate 7200.11 drive is a poor one: That particular model has had far more drive failures than the average hard drive (in terms of the percentage of drives of specific models shipped). More than likely, at least one of your drives is failing (or put it this way, is about to die out) due to overheating issues.


                                  Concentrate on getting a new case and PSU first, then replace both of your hard drives with a different model (and add one or two more identical drives in addition to the two being replaced).

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                                    JEShort01 Level 4

                                    To see if your 2x1.5 array is having read issues, download HD Tune Pro and do a "read test" over your array with settings of 2MB block size and "partial test" accurate. The waterfall curve can bounce around +/- 10 percent, but should generally start around 200 to 250 MB/sec and decay down to about half of that near the end.


                                    Another possibility could be issues with "writes"; I've had drives that could read OK, but did not write well. Since HD Tune Pro's test for writes is "destructive", meaning you have to wipe any partition off of your drive or array before running the test, you can test your write speed by copying around 5GB of large files from your USB3 backup drive back to your PC and seeing how long that takes.



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                                      Xoomtell Level 1

                                      Hmmmm...just read about the 3770 comming in spring 2012. Seems it would be a good idea to wait with a brand new PC right now after all. So I reconsider and thought about following your and Harms advice upgrading my existing system.

                                      So far I have found these components;


                                      1. COOLER MASTER HYPER 212 PLUS

                                      2. COOLER MASTER SILENT PRO GOLD ATX12V 2.3 1000W

                                      3. FRACTAL DESIGN FULLTOWER DEFINE XL USB 3.0 BLACK (seems like a nice case - 18 kilos....quite havy, but gets super reviews - 12 slots for HDDs and very good airflow and nice design as well)

                                      4. I´m in doubt abvout upgrading to 24 GB ram from my 12 GB, I seldom use more than 50% afterall - so might be waste of money.

                                      5. My biggest concern is HDDs. I have 2 X 1.5 HDDs, but they are not so fast and quite old. So I wondered what to do? And should I keep the old onbes for backup or? Wich kind of HDDs would be best? I considered SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.12 1TB 7200RPM SATA/600 32MB - could buy 2 or 4 and make 1 or 2 raid0 and use the old drives for backup? And are seagate barracuda a good choice or should I rather choose WDs black caviar or.....? I want my disks to be fast but also as noiseless as possible.


                                      With this upgrade I could get a better PC for under ½ the price of a new 3930. Maybe I would buy a brand new PC in 2012 - but it will shurely be less expensive, and I could get a better CPU and MOBO than I can get now. If I choose to buy a brand new PC right now, I would not be able to use my old PC for anything beføre I upgraded at least PSU and case anyway...so why not let it live for maybe one more year - saving some money and then buy a brand new one late 2012 - or maybe even wait till 2013 if necessary?


                                      Any ideas about wich HDDs to choose? Any comments on my thoughts here?


                                      Thx in advance.




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                                        Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant
                                        1. I have two of the Coolermaster CPU coolers and it is great but the newer version is even better.

                                           4.  For some reason going from 12 GB to anything more than that (which 24 GB is one option) gives a major increase in encoding performance.


                                        As an example here is my latest data showing my newer Sandy Bridge i7-2600 K versus installed RAM--you will find the same with the x58 systems


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                                          RjL190365 Level 5

                                          Thanks, Bill, for the results with different amounts of RAM. I was originally going to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 8GB in my auxiliary i3-2100 system (its motherboard has only two DIMM slots). With that mediocre-performing i3, replacing the two 2GB DIMMs with two 4GB DIMMs would not have improved that system's PPBM5 MPEG-2 DVD encoding performance enough to justify spending more than about $25 upfront for this upgrade. Unfortunately, the cheapest 8GB dual-channel kit still costs between $40 and $50 (before rebates). The only noticeable improvement would have been two 8GB DIMMs (one 16GB dual-channel kit) - but that kit costs a whopping $250.

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                                            Xoomtell Level 1



                                            Finally I have made my decision, but need advice on how to do the upgrade right?


                                            Instead of bying a brand new pc I´ve decided to upgrade my existing system as you suggested.


                                            I havd ordered the following:

                                            1. 24 gb ram Corsair 1600
                                            2. 2 x 1.5TB WD Caviar Black 6gb/s
                                            3. 3. CPU-cooler: Coolermaster 212
                                            4. 4. PSU: Coolermaster Pro 80 GOLD 1000w
                                            5. 5. Kingston hyperx 240 gb ssd (for system/apps - want to startup quicker)
                                            6. 6. Fractal design xl case (tested to be one of the most noiseless cases ever)


                                            Alle components I can re-use with fx. a new MOBO and CPU, as Harm suggested.


                                            My plan was to port the following to the new system from the old one:


                                            1. GIGABYTE MOBO

                                            2. CPU i7 920 CPU

                                            3. 2 X 1.5TB Seagate 3GB/s HDD

                                            4. NVIDIA FX 3800


                                            My question is how to do this upgrade best as possible?


                                            Do I have to reinstall Windowsd or is it possible to make copies of my existing setup?


                                            What I have now (no raid!)



                                            Drive C: Windows/Apps 292 GB

                                            Drive D: Apps/data



                                            Drive E: Data only


                                            What I would like to end up having (I guess - any suggestions are welcome):


                                            SSD: Windows/apps (I can copy/move/delete some files and data from the old drive C to get down to 200 GB all in all)


                                            DISK1 + DISK2 = RAID0: Data only?


                                            DISK3+DISK4 = RAID0: Backup/Data?



                                            As stated above I have not any experince setting up RAIDs recently, so where to begin and in which order to do what? Is this setup OK or would it be better to make another kind of Raid? Remember I might upgrade CPU and MOBO in 2012.

                                            And what about OC the CPU? Any suggestions on how much I will be able to OC without issues - I want a stable system more than a quick one. Haven´t got a clue about how much i will be able to OC without issues...


                                            I figure it might be best to make a full backup of the whole system first to my 3TB WD Book (I use Reflect from Macrium). I have a 4TB Buffalo NAS too, maybee make a backup on that as well?

                                            Then make the RAID0 setups (or RAID5 or???) Would it be possible to just copy all data from the old C drive to the new C drive on the SSD? I guees there could be issues with MBR?


                                            Thx in advance.




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                                              Harm Millaard Level 7



                                              My suggestion is the following:


                                              0. Deactivate CS5.x on your current system.

                                              1. Assemble your new system.

                                              2. Make a clean install of Windows on the SSD.

                                              3. Get all the Windows updates, get the latest drivers for your video card, etc.

                                              4. Tune your system using the suggestions here: Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista... which also applies to Win7

                                              5. Install CS5.x and update to the latest version.


                                              Without a dedicated raid controller, the only options you realistically have is to use Aid0 or Raid1. A parity raid, like raid5, is just too slow without a dedicated card.

                                              Setting up an Aid0 is done in the BIOS.


                                              I do hope the Seagates are not the notoriously unreliable 7200.11 series, but the later 7200.12 series.


                                              A fresh install of everything, OS and programs, ensures you get rid of the pollution everyone gathers in time and give you the best performance.

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                                                Xoomtell Level 1

                                                Thank you so much, Harm!


                                                I´ll do as you tell me ;-)

                                                Unfortunattely it is excactly the 7200.11 disks I´ve got. I can see they are not yet updated with latest firmware from Seagate, wich should solve some of the issues with these drives. Might just set them up as RAID0 and use them as backup. I will make a backup on externeal devices as well, so I guess it will be OK to just use them for that purpose. I have never lost data from these drives - they get a bit hot, but seldom over 50 degress Celcius. When they get into my new case with plenty of airflow, I guess they will get better after all. Whenm I can afford it - and disks gets cheaper - I might change these disks with two ekstra WD Caviar blacks....


                                                Thanks again - and have a nice day!




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                                                  Xoomtell Level 1

                                                  Oh - forgot to ask about OC? You have a i7 920 your self. With the Coolermaster 212 mounted how much and how should I OC the CPU? Should I OC the ram as well?


                                                  Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 24GB CL9

                                                  Kit w/6x 4GB XMS3 modules, CL9-9-9-24 1.5V,

                                                  Vengeance Heatspreader, 240 pin




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                                                    Xoomtell Level 1

                                                    Thx a lot! You are brilliant!



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                                                      Xoomtell Level 1

                                                      Sorry to bother you once more - this might be a silly question, but I have not ben able to find anything udefull about this anywhere.


                                                      Is it at all possible to install the same Windows 7 as I have on my existing system from scratch on the new one? I haveguess Windows will see the new system as a completely new PC with different hardware setup - even though there is only a new case and some additional disks - CPU and MOBO and two disks are the same as before? Is it possible to reactivate windows?

                                                      Don´t I need a whole new edition of Windows - need to spend 200$ on that as well I guess?




                                                      • 25. Re: Do I need to invest in a new graphiccard?
                                                        Xoomtell Level 1

                                                        Hi again


                                                        i finally managed to make the upgrade of my old system.

                                                        It works OK, but with some issues...it still makes quite a noise and the graphic card is getting hot...and I have not done any OC yet...do not dare because of the heat issue.


                                                        I bought a new case - a very big one with lots of space end extra fans and cooling (http://www.fractal-design.com/?view=product&category=2&prod=68). I bought 2 new HDD and now have 2 x 2TB in RAID 0 and the old disks is also set up in 2 x 2 TB RAID 0 for backup. I have a SSD for system (Corsair 240 GB). It has clearly made the system much quicker.

                                                        I have upgradede from 12 to 24 GB RAM and bought the new cooler you suggetsed Harm (Coolermaster 212 - with one fan only - but there are two big fans inside the case just above the CPU). Bought a Coolermaster 1000 W PSU as well....


                                                        So I have only ported my two old HDDs, my MB, my CPU and my graphicscard to the new system.


                                                        But still it makes a lot of sound. In iddle the CPU is 45-55 Celcius, the MB 45-50 Celcius, the HDDs is about 40 but the FX3800 (from PNY) is running 65-70 Celcius in iddle !!!! Must be the small fan on the card?

                                                        So I consider buying a GTX 570/580 instead...I have tried to sell the FX 3800 with no luck. I guess that will end up being just another "money out of the window" investment for me in trying to get my machine OK for enough for Premiere Pro....


                                                        Will the GTX 570 do a OK job (compared to both FX3800 and the GTX580?) and will it not be as hot? What about noise? Any suggestions?




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                                                          Harm Millaard Level 7



                                                          Your idle temps are indeed on the high side, but not really something to worry about. Idle would be nice to be around 35-40 C. You can probably shave off a few degrees by installing a second fan on your CPU cooler in a push-pull configuration and that is pretty cheap to do. The video card is always the hottest component, but in my case the idle temp of the (really hot) GTX 480 is around 46 degrees.


                                                          I assume there may be some air-flow disturbance in your case or the thermal paste has not been applied correctly. Did you try to move the cables out of the way your fans blow the air? Is the back of your case sufficiently clear from the wall to let out the hot air?


                                                          The 570 will be perfectly OK and perform almost as well as the much more expensive 580.