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    Best Video Recording Mode for Chromakey?


      Hi folks,


      I'm a moderately-fluent user of Adobe Premiere Pro (I have CS4 at home, and use CS5.5 at work), but I'm just getting my feet wet with a greenscreen setup. I shot some test footage yesterday, using the Panasonic HDC-TM90. The camera can shoot 1080/60p, or in a variety of AVCHD modes. I shot my test footage in AVCHD [HA] mode (1920x1080 17Mbps/VBR).


      After bringing the footage into Premiere, I used the Color Key effect to remove the background, but found that there was some pretty severe motion blur on my subject's hands, which resulted in green showing through the blurry image, which in turn resulted in her hands more or less disappearing.


      Unfortunately, my company just purchased this camera, so I don't have the option of getting a better camera, and I need to make do with what I've got. My understanding is that the 1080/60p shooting mode will reduce or eliminate the motion blur, but (if I'm understanding this correctly), I'll need to re-encode the final video to something like 720/60p to make it compatible with various playback devices.


      So my question is, does anyone have experience with this, and can they recommend a shooting mode or process? If I shoot 1080/60p, bring it into Premiere, and work my chromakey magic, will the image look poor after re-encoding?


      Apologies if these are stupid questions -- as I said, I'm just getting started with this stuff, and I'm under the gun to get this project finished. Thanks in advance for any help.


      PC Glenn