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    Sorry, another request for help


      RoboExperts, please give me a hand if you will.

        I wrote earlier and got some help but not exactly what I needed.


      I simply have an output folder from RoboHelp 9 with project generated files.  I want to upload this folder to my website.

      I have tried FileZilla but it seems to have trouble connecting with the web site.


        I have a simple web site (free) from freewebhosting.com.


      I seem to have all the specs for the space, including FTP access hostname and username and password.


      Yet when I try to do the FIleZilla upload, I get things like invalid password, cannot connect.


      This stuff CAN'T be that difficult.  I just need a pointer or two.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



      J Arute

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          If only it were simple! The thing is, you appear to be stuck in a netherworld fraught with many possibilities. If memory serves, you said that you are trying to copy content to a "free" web hosting provider. This often means that the space you have will be limited and the pages that are served will have advertising all over them. I'd be surprised to find that RoboHelp's publishing feature will actually work to help you in this case.


          You need to break the process down into smaller baby steps in order to isolate where failure is occurring. You can't expect RoboHelp's FTP option to work if you can't even get FileZilla to work properly with it.


          Likely you will need to contact the web hosting service and ask how to get something like FileZilla to work with it. Once you manage to get FileZilla to work properly, then you can turn the attention to RoboHelp and try to coax it to talk. You may also find that the web hosting service has user forums just like RoboHelp has. So you might post there and ask how to connect things like FileZilla. You may find that it's simply not a supported feature of the freebie stuff.


          You might also want to consider renting space. Last time I looked, GoDaddy has some pretty reasonable rates.


          Cheers... Rick


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