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    Slow Motion very poor quality

    Seehorse Video Level 1

      I'm having some issues with PPro 5.5 and slomo... using the "speed/duration' setting on the right click menu I get unacceptably poor quality slow motion, it has a kind of flickering effect.


      In my editing I use slomo constantly and it needs to be very high quality.  I'm very dissapointed in what I'm getting from Premiere, particularly coming from the 5 year old and discontinued Avid Liquid that did it perfectly.  I hope there's some way to get acceptable slow motion out of PPro 5.5; as it stands with what I'm seeing on the timeline I can't use the program.  I've tried the Twixor plugin demo and it requires WAY too much workaround; I'll use hundreds of slow motion clips in an edit, having to create a new sequence, render, import and then place each clip is a non-starter.  How can I get good motion without flicker?


      I'm using XDCAM HD footage to start with.

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          JAKE JONSON Level 1

          What is your experience level with PPro?  Maybe this is a dumb question, but after slowing the speed, as you say, did you also right-click and select 'Frame Blend' from the menu? Sounds like this might have been missing from the equation.


          If you did use Frame Blend, then I think your results are not the norm.  There could be any number of things affecting the ouput quality.  Maybe the footage is not being interpreted correctly? Also, are you seeing the flickering effect in your exported/rendered (encoded) output or in the preview prior to exporting?  Try exporting as uncompressed (Format: Quicktime & Codec: Animation) and see how it looks.

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            Seehorse Video Level 1

            I didn't notice any real difference with frame blend or without actually.  I'm looking at the footage on the PPro program monitor and on my output monitor from my Matrox MXO2 LE.


            I'll try forcing a render and see if that makes a difference.


            I'll admit my experience with PPro to any extent is years ago with version 2; I just put this new NLE together and this is the first project I've used it in.  I'm just used to perfect slomo with one click from Avid Liquid.

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              dont forget...slow motion thats good usually starts with the shooting of it...high frame rate to begin with....


              do as much with camera and the editor wont have to tween so many frames....



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                Seehorse Video Level 1

                Yes, I am using the same kind of footage I've used for years and I've been getting great slow motion out of it with my old Liquid system.  I'm just not getting anything close to the same quality from PPro 5.5.  I'm shooting with the same camera and shooting in the same situations I've always done. I'm talking a direct comparison here; with Liquid I got good results with slow motion and with PPro I get poor results.


                I'm hoping this is something I can resolve, I really don't want to have to move to Avid MC just to get the same results I had on the now discontinued Avid Liquid.  I also know I used to get decent results years ago out of PPro 2.0, albeit with SD footage as opposed to the XDCAM HD I'm editing with now.  Admittedly this is the first project I've done with PPro since the version 2 days.


                A few specifics.

                I'm using the Matrox MXO2 LE card and editing using the Matrox HD, 1440x1080i @ 29.97fps preset recommended for XDCAM HD footage.  On both my output monitor from the MXO2 and the program monitor in PPro live footage looks fine while slowmo is jerky; almost like a very mild case of reversed field dominance.  I've tried all the different Field options on the right click menu and none resolve this although a few make it worse.

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                  good luck ... as I dont really understand the problem either.

                  Usually people shoot so that when they edit later it is going to be slow motion ( shoot with fast shutter speed ).


                  You probably had some cool way to slow 24fps down to slow motion that was great quality but I dont know how to duplicate that in any editor that I know of.


                  Maybe Avid can do it for you or whatever... its really a matter of "animating" frames between what you have actually " shot " with the camera... to slow it down ( tweening ).


                  If I shoot 24fps and want to make it look like I shot it at 120 fps in the editor I know for a fact that new frames need to be " drawn" or " rendered" or " tweened".... you know?  I don't know how else you can do it... except to invent frames that were'nt there before. ( assuming you are showing the product at 24 fps of course like a normal projector ).


                  I wouldnt be blaming premiere pro for not giving you great quality on slow motion if you didn't shoot it to be slow motion to begin with. That is just plain unreal IMO.


                  Look at the sample I showed you again maybe.. it is shot with slow motion in mind .. a high frame rate.

                  It was edited at the guys home ( the man who shot the footage ) using FCP about 2 years ago.


                  Nothing magical about it... I mean.. there's no secret about how to do it.  You need to shoot stuff to be slow motion or you have to tween frames after the fact.. There is no easter bunny... you need to do the work to make it work.  sorry.



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                    Keith_Clark Level 2

                    my copy is in storage right now, but on the bonus disc of Jack*** 3 (the movie) they said to do all their slow-mo shots in that movie, they created a camera just for the film that shot either 1000, or 10,000 FPS. can't remember which one though.... but it was ridiculous. nothing close to 29.97. (i realize that was an anomaly, because they CREATED the tech for that movie right there.... but still.... you want a high frame rate for slow-mo to be pulled off with as little effort as possible.


                    eta: ok its 1000 FPS, wiki saves the day.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Have you tried rendering the sequence?

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                        Seehorse Video Level 1

                        When I put a CG title over the slow motion it allows a render (yellow bar at the top) and that seems to play better... without CG it refuses to render and plays the clips rather poorly.  As a workaround I've created a blank CG clip (no graphics) I can toss over the slow motion and force PPro to render.  It's irritating but it does work.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          In the Sequence menu at the top, there is a Render Entire Sequence command.  That will force a render even without the blank title.

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                            Seehorse Video Level 1

                            I wish it would, unfortunately since it doesn't mark slow motion with a yellow indicator it will not render it.  Hitting render entire sequence simply causes it render anything flagged yellow and play realtime unrendered anything not marked.  In order to get it to render I need to make it flag clips with a yellow timeline marker and in order to get slow motion flagged I need a CG on that clip, or some other effect.

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                              Jim_Simon Level 8

                              Turn off Hardware Acceleration.


                              Or if you need that on, a Transparent Clip placed over the clips will force the render.  (Kind of the same idea as your empty title, though.)