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      I have a mac OSX  power pc. And i had flashplayer 10.1 on my computer. The system asked if ik liked to upgrade. and I did. After entering mij specifications en downloades the new flash player. The videootjes i just to see on you tube, facebook , my webpage, didnot work anymore. And ik got the anounce met that flashplayer 11 was not working on powermac. Now i am for two evenings busy to get one way of another to set back flash player 10.1 But on the adobe site it is already gone and from my backup via time machine it wil not run. Have more people encounter this? And can somebody give my some advice. (a computer without seeing video is not nice at all!!!) greetings hope some advice.

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          Thank you Carl,

          I have read all the mails and the latest with looking to the content was the helpfulliest.

          I did what you wrote in steps. But it did not work.

          So I looked in the application map and there was nothing in it althou it said it was installed.

          In the helpapplication map was the uninstaller of flashplayer 10.1 so there was something on it.

          I looked in my apple leopard book. if i could find something. And yes ther was a remark that some .dmg files could be opend but not placed and you have to kopie it with the whole content in to the program map. And then it worked. But one thing I can see video again on browser firefox but the safari doesnt work. and I cant look for video on it.

          My friend also experienced the same. (he have got a newer computer) and ther the problem was also safari and something about the bit32 or... way of formating!!!!

          I am not a computer specialist. So I dont know how to do that. But my friend changed it in safari and he can see video's again also on safari. Hope i give you some more information. You can use when ther are more unlucky people with flashplayer


          thanks again