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    Flex Library Project: Building tweener.swc, flexlib.swc-- Not building swc

    shawnyale Level 1
      I've been trying to generate a library project in Flex Builder3 by adding existing source code. For example, I have the source files for Tweener that Ive included in the build path, and have checked all of the classes in the file. I haven't added any other classes.

      The problem is that the project isn't generating a swc file. When I remove the source code for Tweener and add my own classes, FB3 generates the swc. If I have any linked resources, it doesn't gereate the swc.

      I even tried to copy the source files into the project with the same result.

      I would like to be able to make changes to existing source code and gereate my own swcs, but so far I'm stuck in nowhere land.

      Love some help.