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    Problem with sounds and animations working together...


      Hello All,


           I learned how to use Adobe InDesign recently (As in...Today).  I'm adapting well to the format after only a few hundred hair pulling moments.  I am creating an interactive document and there is a place where I want an animation and a sound to play at the same time when you hover over that spot.  I figured out how to add a button to the area and I used that for sound.  Then I discovered that I could add an animation to that button as well.  However, when the button is hovered over, the sound plays, and then, after it is done, the animation happens.  I have discovered that if I put the animation first in line, then the opposite occurs.  I get the animation and then the sound.  I need them to play at the same time, as the sound IS the sound effect for the animation.  SOOOO....I tried putting two buttons there, both of them wired to go off when you move the cursor over them, but that didn't work.  All I get is whichever button is on top.  They don't both function with one hover.  Is there a way to make the sound and animation play together, in sink with each other?