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    Picture breakup, imported 1080p screencapture




      I have been evaluating Premier Elements 10 to replace Camtasia and have been working with screen captured 1080p video captured using the Camtasia recorder (saved as AVI).


      I am noticing some very poor picture breakup and distortion (images from one frame "leaking into other frames").  When I reduce resolution to 720p this problem disappears but it's very disappointing (and would probably stop me buying the software) if I can't edit in 1080 HD.


      Has anyone had experience with this problem?  I'd like to try to solve it before I commit to buying the full sofware.


      My sytem specs:

      Intel i7-930 @ 3.8GHz

      6GB DDR3

      NVidia GTX480

      Win7 64-bit Home Premium