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    Super quick question to anyone.


      I have an 8gb Mac Mini dual core running 10.6.8, 2011 model with dvd drive, not the newest, but the one before that.

      I only use it for Flash for business purposes. No downloads, movies, music...nothing but flash and internet.

      I have Flash Pro CS5 (legit, official version, fully paid for new with dvd copy from Adobe website) set up to load automatically when my computer boots up.

      My question is...why does it take a minute or two to load?

      I know it's not a big deal, but when I need to sit down and get to work I find myself staring at the screen, thinking, hmm should that take this long?

      If it's normal I can live with it, we live in this "I want it now, can't this be faster" world...but I'm not like that, I'm not complaining, just...wondering...is it fixable?

      Thanks for any help!