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    Do dual-core proccessors count for minimum spec on Flash Player 11?

    A Scoyne

      According to the minimum specs for Adobe Flash Player 11 on a Windows computer it needs a 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor.  The majoriity of our computers run dual core, or indeed quad core processors, but each core is less than 2.33Ghz. 


      My question is this, does the minimum spec of 2.33GHz apertain to each core or is it the total of all the cores i.e. a dual core 2.25Ghz = 4.5GHz processing power, therefore a dual core 2.25GHz would meet the minimum spec?


      Another question regarding minimum specs, does the 128MB graphics memory have to be dedicated RAM i.e. VRAM, or can it be shared RAM?