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    scaling two layers up without losing position




      I've got two video layers, one a standard clip and the other a motion-tracked layer with a mask, parented to a null object. (I've made a girl's body red, and her face black and white)


      I've got key frames set on the masked layer for layer position and mask shape.


      Both layers are at 70%. I would like to scale them up, but whenever I do I lose the position of the face, it ends up moving to the right. Is it a problem with scaling something after it has position keyframes?


      Any way to fix this?


      The closest thing I found to a answer was to parent everything to a null layer, then scale the null layer. But since I've already got the face parented to a null layer, I'm not sure where to go. This is a noob question I know and I searched for a answer, honest! But I'm not even sure how to phrase my search terminology for this.