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    Odd LDAP queries from CPS

      We recently upgraded our LDAP, and since then Contribute has been really slow logging into the LDAP via CPS. Upon doing some looking, we've narrowed down the problem to the Search filter that CPS is sending to the LDAP. If my UID for example is myUID, what's being sent to the LDAP is

      (&(userSearchFilter)(|(uid=myUID) (=myUID)))

      If I paste the full filter into an LDAP browser, it takes upwards of 2-3 minutes to get a response, on the other hand, if I remove the area highlighted above, I get a response in less than a second. I can't figure out what in my configuration is causing this, to the best of my knowlege, malformed filter.
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          leh002 Level 1
          It turns out that we were experiencing two different issues, One was with our LDAP, the other was that we neglected to fill out the UID field on the group tab in our test instance. (thus the oddly formed search filter.)
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            ahowar7 Level 1
            Hello leh002. I work for a public school district in San Antonio, Texas and I am having a horrible time getting CPS to work with my ldap. I have installed a different ldap browser on the box and it works fine but I can't get CPS to work. Since you have a working installation, would you be willing to communicate with me and maybe get me on the right track? I have searched the web for three days now and can't get any answers. My ldap guy has given up saying its the product so I'm without support. I need some help!! My work email address is ahowar7@neisd.net and my telephone number 210/804-7020. If you can offer any assistance it would be most greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lisa H.