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    Missing Tree data.



      I have component with Trees and I'm moving elements from one to another. I store data in dataProvider as XMLList with labelFiled="name" and itemRenderer as class, which expends one (thanks to that nodes and elements have checkboxes). I enabled moving mechanism between Trees just by enabling Tree's properties (dragEnabled="true" dragMoveEnabled="true" dropEnabled="true").


      Problem occurs when I try to get data from dataProvider, which has only elements. To get data I use command:

      [CODE]var xmlSource:String = new XMLList(this.treeDest.dataProvider).toString();[/CODE]

      If dataProvider has some nodes or some elements and nodes, its fine. But when data has only elements, I've got empty strings.


      I've tried to change command, but it has changed nothing or made it even worse. I also thought about namespaces in elements, that they mix up something, but it was dead end.


      Any ideas? I'ld apprecieate any of thoughts about this.