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    Recorded Narration Playback level

      I am using Captivate 2

      I record narration using a good microphone
      while capturing Software Simulation of an Windows application.
      I keep my voice level during recording constant.

      To explain different features of the application,
      I have to re-size Panels within the application.

      After completing recording, I publish it in Flash.

      I have noticed that during playback, narration volume drops drastically
      when panels are re-sized within application. Once volume drops
      it stay at that level to the end of the presentation.

      Audio is recorded at 64 kbs, 22.050 khz, encoding speed 9.

      Overall Captivate 2 has been a very unstable, very buggy software
      unlike other Adobe products.

      Any suggestion to correct fluctuating audio output during playback??

      Please don't tell me to upgrade to Captivate 3 -
      I want first Captivate 2 to perform as advertised - at lease do basic job of capturing well


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, PrintHelper

          Yes, it would be very nice indeed if software never had any issues, but I digress.

          You might wish to consider recording your audio separately from the recording of the project. That's what we normally consider best practice. When you think about it, Hollywood never records the actors talking while filming the set. The voice is handled separately. There is a reason for this. It's because you get better results.

          In addition to suggesting you record the audio as a separate action, I've seen others suggest that the best results are achieved by recording using a separate application. One such application is called Audacity. The good news is that it's open source and one may obtain it at no charge. To visit the Audacity site, Click here.

          Cheers... Rick
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            retro74 Level 1
            I usually record the presentation and then edit the slides with no sound to get the timing and captions just right.

            Then i record sound in each slide so that the sound files are basically specific to each slide. This may help with your resizing issue because the sound file will be a link to the slide and not part of the entire presentation.

            I have also eperimented with the LINE IN option as opposed to the Microphone option. In my case the Line-In option reduces Hummmmmmmmmm.

            Audacity does indeed rock and the sound quality is exceptionally clean. You should install the LAME filter with Audacity to record to MP3 formats. Captivate will convert that back to a WAV (a HUGE complaint here), but at least it records well in Audacity if you are having line level problems or Hummmmmmm.

            Joe C.