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    H264 BP

    palinkasocsi Level 1

      Dear Forum Users,


      I use After Effects (CS5) and would need to render a movie to .mp4 using one of these codecs: H264 BP/MP/HP MPEG4 SP/ASP.


      Render settings offer only the MainConcept MPEG4 codec but none of those above.


      Could anyone please tell me if it is possible to use the codecs I lised?


      Thank you very much.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The BP/MP/HP refer to Baseline Profile, Main Profile, and High Profile. Main Concept is the name of the company that designed the compressor used by Adobe for MPEG media encoding. It's one of the best compressors out there.


          I'm thinking that you're wanting to render for a mobile device. If that's correct then the Adobe Media Encoder has all of the settings you should need. That's what you should be using to render. Just pick a similar mobile device - say iPad for example, make sure that you are using multi pass for video and your data rate matches the specs, and you should be good to go.


          You can either open your After Effects project  in AME or you could render to a lossless codec from AE, then bring the render into the AME to compress it. Yo'll never get a great result rendering to an MPEG format directly from AE's render cue.

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            palinkasocsi Level 1

            Dear Rick,


            Thank you for your reply.


            No, I do not want to render for a mobile devide. I want to render for an LCD TV. I am inserting a chart and I would like you to tell me if there is a possibility of finding a render setting in AE (according to the chart).


            Thank you.



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'd use the BluRay presets in AME. They should work just fine. If they don't, try the YouTube or Vimeo HD presets.


              Have you tried a test render yet? Those specs are just standard delivery options. Just about any delivery codec (that's what the AME is for) will do.

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                palinkasocsi Level 1

                Thank you Mr. Gerard.


                One more question: as you advised, I used the BluRay preset in AME. The resulting .mpeg2 file now has a bitrate of 36.000 kb/s. However, according to the TV's manual, 30 mb/s bitrate would be necessary. Do you think I could fix it for better video quality?



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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  36,000 Kbps = 36 Mbps


                  That's pretty close to 30. You can decrease the data rate if you'd like but I'd wager that the file will playback just fine.


                  How are you sending the video to the TV? If it's playing from a flash drive then the speed of the flash drive will be more important than the specs for the TV.

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                    palinkasocsi Level 1

                    Yes, from a flash drive.


                    Thank you very much for your help.