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    Applying Bolds and Italics while doing a Find/Replace on Data Merged content

    luke_westbrook Level 1

      Wonder if you kind knowledgeable folks can help me with a Find/Replace question.


      I am doing a data merge of a book contents into indesign, where my data merge file is a straightforward text csv file which is tab delimited. I have two (almost similar) things I would like to do to specific parts of the text but don't know how to achieve this. 


      -  Firstly, I would like to preserve words/sentences with an 'italic' form but this is obviously lost in a csv file.  Is there anyway I can mark these words in order that a find/replace can make this word italics.  Im hoping there is a solution which resembles something like this;
      eg.  Book content is "The Word Italic needs to be adjusted".
      Original content is amended to be "The Word $Italic$ needs to be adjusted", so that a dollar sign encapsulates the word to be made Italic.
      Then I am able to data merge the csv file and somehow do a find/replace of words/sentences which are encapsulated by the dollar sign.  Thus, doing a find/replace of all words/sentences which satisfy this condition and then apply italics to all words between the dollar signs.


      - My other issue is I am using the '|' character in my text to determine the paragraph seperators.  I then do a find/replace after importing the text to replace all instances of '|' to the paragraph seperator (a kind of $ symbol, a representative character from the pop-up menu to the right of the Change To box). This works fine, but I'd like to make the paragraph seperator to be a BOLD format so that it can distinguish better the seperating sections of text.

      But this is different from my 'italics' issue above since I am trying to apply a BOLD format to the 'Change to' character, rather than something which exists in my original csv.


      Hope I make sense but I'd be happy to provide screenshots etc (when I get home )
      Best Rgds