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    SONY NEX VG10 help in Premiere Pro




      Ive just finished recording a video that I need to edit today using my new Sony Nex vg10.  Ive spent the last 3 hours trying to import this into Premiere Pro - everytime I do this - the picture is fuzzy when I play this in the play bar. 


      Ive tried dragging and dropping this footage into the new item bar - the movie still remains fuzzy.  Ive tried using AVCHD 1080i > 1080i25 (50i)


      Ive also tried using HDV > 1080i 25 (50)


      Nothing seems to be working - I know its not the camera as the pic is perfect when playing back from the camer - Ive searched majority of forums and cant find a solution.


      Is there anyone out there that can make it a happy Friday for me?


      Best wishes