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    Can't save in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 on a Mac

    tenorocity Level 1



      I am running Premiere Pro CS 5.5 on a Mac OS 10.6.8


      I've noticed on a project that after I send a sequence to the que for encoding

      in Adboe Media Encoder, and after AME has encoded the sequence,

      I can not save the project.  


      The save dialog in Premiere Pro appears and the orange bar moves to the right up until about 90%,
      atwhich point it locks up. 


      I have noticed that (in most, but not all cases), if I quit Premiere and Adobe

      Media Encoder and restart my computer, I can once again save the project.


      As I'm relatively new to Premiere Pro, having moved over from FCP, this is

      a scary situation.  If I'm going to use the app professionally, I need to feel

      secure that it can save my projects. 


      Anyone else encounter this? 


      Any ideas?