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    9 downloaded install files for CS5.5... what install order, Todd?

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

           Just got my license approval for CS5.5 and am downloading it from the Adobe licensing site... When I clicked to download the Master Collection CS5.5, I was given a whole bunch of files to download. After leaving out the 32-bit CS4 versions of things, I was left with 9 files... anybody know which order to install these in? Nothing in the download help files told me where to start or how to continue...


      I have:


      • Master Collection CS5.5 Installer (exe) 1MB
        • Master Collection CS5.5 Content (7z) 5.1GB
      • Production Premium/Master Collection CS5.5 Content (exe) 175MB
      • After Effects 10.5 Content Installer (exe) 1MB
        • After Effects 10.5 Content (7z) 744MB
      • InDesign Family Content (exe) 156MB
      • Premiere Pro CS 5.5 Content Installer (exe) 1MB
        • Premiere Pro 5.5 Content (7z) 2.5GB
      • Illustrator 15.1 Content (exe) 120MB


      I'm guessing that the exe files will access the content in the 7z files, so no need to worry about the 7z files. I'm also quite sure that the first exe file comes first. But is there a specific order to all the following files? I suppose I could just wait till my install discs get here next week, but I'm kinda impatient!


      Also, I'm assuming that, as with previous versions, there's no need to uninstall CS5.0.3 before installing this one? Can 5.0.3 be safely uninstalled later if I want it to be? I know there's probably answers to those two questions buried deeply here back in the summer when 5.5 first came out, but I'm feeling kinda lazy this morning. So if nobody answers those two I'll get my lazy butt in gear and go look!