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    Weird hyphenation problem


      I'm using InDesign CS3 5.0.4 on a MacBook running OS10.5.8


      I have an InDesign document that I need to convert to Microsoft Word. Before copying the InDesign text I turn off hyphenation. However, when I paste the text into the Word document, all kinds of hyphens appear in the middle of words that are in the middle of lines. I could go through the document searching for them one at a time, but it's a 300 page document and that would be too tedious. It's not an MS Word issue. I tried pasting into other word processing programs and the same issue occured. Somehow I'm picking up hyphens from InDesign that aren't even there. (As far as I can see.) I also tried copying and pasting without turning off hyphenation and the same thing occured.


      Anyone know what would cause this strange thing to occur? And how can I fix it?