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    Warp Stabilizer dropping

    Constant Production Level 1

      I have tried dropping the Warp Stabilizer on a number of different types of media files, 7D, uncompressed 1080 25p, 23,97, interlaced, progressive, mp4, Red r3d, DNxHD, Animation... you name it. Sometimes I get an error "Unable to aquire rendered frame" which pops out three times after eachother before dropping the analyze part. Other times, it just stops without any message at all, going back to "press analyze to start analyzing".

      It's frustrating because I need to babysit a lot of rendering and I often have to reanalyze after it drops out right in the end. I have set up the RAM accordingly to each thread and everything and other functions within AE seems to work fine, just not the warp stabilizer.


      I have searched for answers and just found another thread in here that speaks of the "Unable to aquire rendered frame" message, but no answers in there.


      So what is this? Maybe it needs to be patched?