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    Ppro openGL crash/TDR

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      I have a thread about this open at the nvidia forums as well (http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=217020&st=0&gopid=1336480&#entry1336480) but the more eyes on it the better I suppose.


      PC specs:

      asus p7p55 lx motherboard - BIOS up to date

      Intel i7 860 - default clock speeds

      16gb RAM - unsure of band

      Zotac gtx580 - standard edition with default clock speeds

      3 1-1.5tb sata6 HDDs setup in typical fashion for editing

      750w thermaltake PSU

      Win7 64bit professional - up to date

      Nvidia driver version 285.62

      Page file set to 24Gb


      Basically here is the situation.  We bought a gtx580, 16gb kit and a 3rd HDD for my system at work...installed them and had no problem.  My copy of cs5.5 came a few days later so we installed that.  Ran into power troubles because my system had a 550w PSU...so we disabled the 3rd HDD to get css5.5 installed.  I did some test encodes to compare cs4 to cs5.5 with MPE speeds and it was great, a lot faster.  The 750w PSU got installed a few days later along with the 3rd HDD and the troubles began.  Anytime I work in premiere with MPE enabled I get the win7 TDR (display driver crashes and recovers...forcing a restart of ppro/ame).  This occurs most frequently when encoding in AME but will happen quickly if I edit in Ppro using MPE hardware acceleraration.  It even happens when I have mpe in software only mode while editing...although this occurs significantly less often.


      Things I have tried to fix the problem...

      -Rolled back drivers to 275.xx....clean install of 275.xx, 285.xx and the 290.xx beta drivers. All of them produce the same issue.

      -Disabled the audio device with the same hardware ID as my video card.

      -Over and underclocked the card's speed.

      -Updated motherboard BIOS


      Things I still need/want to try:

      -Swap back to the 550w PSU to exclude the new one as faulty.

      -Swap the gtx580 into another workstation to see if it produces the issue.

      -Run burn in tests like prime95 and furmark to rule out the RAM and see if furmark crashes with the openGL stressing.


      We have a gtx570 in the mail and it should be here soon.  I believe we will be putting it in my pc and the 580 into another to see if the 580 crashes on other systems or not.  I also have read about plenty of TDR issues with firefox and games with the recent nvidia driver releases so it could simply be a driver issue and unfixable until a new driver comes out to address the problem.  I'd prefer to troubleshoot all aspects of hardware to determmine if it is faulty hardware or not but it is my work machine, so I don't have permission to do whatever I want to it.


      I have noticed that if I work with our camera's native avchd codec...the crashes occur more often than editing with a converted (mpeg2 bluray m2t).  It doesn't say much other than the crashing happens more oftennwhen the GPU is actually working.



      My current 'solution' is to disable MPE so I get less crashes but it is still frustrating to work with.  If anyone has similar experiences or suggestions, they'd be much appreciated.  If I'm missing any info or details, let me know.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Sounds like a PSU that can't handle the stress test with AVCHD material, which is not really surprising with a Thermaltake 750 W PSU.

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            I know this might sound strange, but I have this happen on my system with a GTX 470 installed.  The fix, for me, is to simply re-seat the 470.   This seems to  happen every couple of months or so.   My system (an HP XW8600) had a cute little device that had a spring loaded arm that pressed against the original (non-CUDA) graphics card to help seat it.  When I changed cards that device no longer fit correctly, so I removed it.   Pretty clear now that it had a purpose!  Again, not very intuitive that a poorly seated card would case an OpenGL error and/or the "lost connection with driver", but I have repeated proved that is the case.

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              thats a weird thing going on with the openGL.  I've had some experience way back in past with gaming and 3d gaming with glide and open glide and various other 3d gaming stuff ( direct x etc is included in that mess ).


              as things progressed with hardware and software everything in gaming changed ( re: openGL etc ). A good example is probably FSX and so on.


              It's always been my impression that openGL was for gaming only and should just be shut OFF when on an editing computer.  If not shut off then disabled or whatever... as it just doesnt have anything to do with editing or maya or AE or stuff like that... and might confuse the computer re: what features of the graphics card it is supposed to use.


              I am not a technocrat or engineer but maybe by taking card out ( rebooting, reinstalling etc etc ) you are just clearing up the OpenGL for "gaming" drivers that somehow conflict with the use of the GPU to do your editing work.


              If you disable the openGl and just edit.. and dont do " gaming" that might solve your problems IMO.



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                jthebes Level 1

                The evga gtx570 card produced the same problems with all driver versions, with or without mpe hardware enabled.  I tried over and underclocking the card along with raising/lowering the voltage. None of these helped at all.


                I am still waiting for IT to install one of the cards in another workstation to see how they perform with our noname 550w PSU.  I am certain it is either my PSU or the drivers are simply unstable.  I'd be very surprised if it actually is the drivers because these cards and MpE have been out for so long now.


                While thermaltake wouldn't be my (personal) first choice for PSU brands, I'd be willing to bet it is simply a PSU that needs to be RMA'd.  I just wish our IT person would take an hour to test them in other PCs or let me do it myself.  It kills me that $1000 worth of video cards are just sitting in a box collecting dust while our encode times are horrendous.

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                  davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                  I had exactly the same thing happen to me recently... I have a GTX-285, and when I upgraded to CS5.5, I lost CUDA support... I upgraded the drivers, and the problems started (getting the exact same crash you did). After messing with tons of different iterations of the drivers, I finally narrowed it down to a collection of stills on the timeline that caused the problem (I thought)... then I did a complete wipe and reinstall of my OS and Programs drive, and everything is back to normal. Still not sure what caused it (though for a while I thought it was the stills in the timeline) and still not sure why a wipe and reinstall fixed it... I suppose there was just something corrupted in there somewhere.