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    Adding a Menu



      I'm doing an important school project and need help with Adobe Premiere Elements 9.

      I have the most up to date update installed.

      I have my movie completly laid out and ready to burn to a DVD.

      However, when I try to add a menu template to the project, the computer appears to be working for a few seconds, but then nothing happens.

      I have Scene menu markers in all of the right places and no Return to Menu marker at the end.

      If I open a new document and try the same thing there, I get an identical result.

      I've been using this program for a while and have never before had this problem.

      I appreciate your halp in advance.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Just to be clear on where you are in your Project, and what you are doing now, let me restate, where I think you are, and then please correct me, if I have something wrong:


          1. You have edited your Project, and in Timeline View Mode
          2. You have added Scene Select (Chapter) Markers, and no Stop Marker, or Scene Select Marker at the end of the Timeline
          3. You have gone to Create Menus Tab, and have navigated to the Menu Set (displayed in the Menu Panel), that you want to use
          4. You hit the Apply button (lower-right), but nothing happens


          Is that correct?

          Which Menu Set did you choose?

          Did that Menu Set not appear just below the Program Monitor, which should have turned into the Menu Editing Panel (looks very similar, but now displaying the Main Menu, instead of the Frame on the Timeline, below the CTI (Current Time Indicator)?


          Thanks for the clarifications, and good luck,



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            CameronWR Level 1

            Hi Bill,

            Thanks for replying to me.

            You have everything right, nothing happens when the menu template is selected and I hit apply.

            I'm using the Musical menu, but the same thing happens no matter which I choose.

            No, the menu set didn't appear, the computer just buzzes and the hard drive light comes on for a few seconds and then nothing happens.

            Thank You


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thank you for the clarification.


              OK, you are seeing your Menu Sets, so it should not be an issue of them not being installed.


              In the Create Menus Tab, with no Menu Sets yet selected, you should see a screen with the Menu Editing Panel reading something like, "To add menu drag Template here," and then below that, the "Disc Menus" mini-panel. Is Auto-Play grayed out? If not, click on that, to "reset" things. If you did have a Menu Set selected, that would remove the Menu Set, but you have nothing there, right?


              Instead of Apply, select your Menu Set, and just drag it to the Menu Editing Panel. Does that change things?


              While there have been reports of an inability to edit some Menu Sets, I do not recall reading of the problem that you are experiencing. Maybe others will recall such issues, and can come up with a fix.


              Good luck,



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                CameronWR Level 1

                Auto-Play is grayed out and dragging doesn't help...


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  OK, then something IS fritzed. I did not expect Auto-Play to be clickable, but then you have confirmed that both methods of Menu Set selection is not working for you.


                  Normally, I am not a fan of the "uninstall/reinstall" solution, though it does seem to be the # 1 suggestion from Adobe T/S, but I think that this might be a logical "next step."


                  Now, that uninstall/reinstall should NOT affect any existing Projects, but let's do one thing first - Open your Project, and do a Save_As, choosing a new Destination Folder for that Save_As Project. Name it something slightly different, say [My Project Name] _01, and close PrE.


                  Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. Uninstall PrE. Reboot. Then insert your installation media, and Install PrE. Do an installation of the additional Functional Content (separate disc). Reboot. Launch PrE. Open your Save_As Project (it probably will not show in the list of Projects, as there will probably not be any, so you will need to navigate to that Destination Folder, and find that PREL. Test with that, by going to the Create Menu Tab, and choosing the Musical Menu Set again. Does it now work?


                  Good luck, and please let us know if things change for the better.



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                    nealeh Level 5

                    CameronWR wrote:


                    Auto-Play is grayed out


                    Then click the [Preview] button underneath it and see what that shows.


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Good one, and a step that I had not thought of.


                      Logically, it should show the Timeline as Auto-Play, with no Menu, but would still be a good test.