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    "adobe cs1 cs4 1.0.1 failed to install"

    SylviaMcc Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I'm running Flash CS4 on a MAC Pro. Flash has been driving been crashing a lot in the last week so I clicked the Adobe updates button from within Flash. Every time I try to run the Flash update it gives me this message.


      "adobe cs1 cs4 1.0.1 failed to install".


      Any ideas? I have already rebooted, cleaned out my library cache files, check my disk permissions and verified my disk.


      Thanks Sylvia

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          SylviaMcc Level 1

          Wow talk about poor customer support. I called Adobe for help with this issue. First I had to leave a message and wait for someone to call me that took 30 minutes. Then I was told I had to be transfered to another area, the call was lost. I called back to the same number I orginally called and was transferred again. Then I had to repeat all my info for the second time only to be told that I had to pay Adobe $30 to get them to help my install their own update. I don't mind paying for tech support when I don't understand how a part of the software works, but this is crazy it's their own update!!


          Adobe has become so incredibly unprofessional. They could really learn a lot about customer support from Apple.