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    Emergency: Color Inconsistency on Master Page when exporting


      We have a multiple board document in InDesign and the master page has a header and footer that we have created, both of which are blue. There is some text set over them at 90% opacity. When exporting the PDF (8 total pages), half of the boards are one shade of blue and half are a slightly different shade of blue. We have scoured every corner of the document but there is appears to be nothing different about the slides. The layout is very simple, text in the center with the consistent header and footer from the master.


      Additonally, sporadically throughout the text, some of the board pages plot the text with a slight blur around the edges of the text. When this happens, we have to delete the text box and retype everything in it. Nonetheless, these blurs continue to occur occasionally and sporadically. Why is this happening? It looks like there is a drop shador effect when it is printed yet there is none applied in the document.


      Help as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance