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    50fps, 25fps, audio lag, jerky, sync problems - advice needed!


      Hello one and all,


      I am putting together a video on Premier Pro CS5 made from a mix of pictures and video recorded when we went to Japan on holiday. As some of the video was recorded at 50fps I set up the sequences to 50fps too. It seemed sensible at the time. We are talking around 45 minutes total length and due to the amount of pictures and the RAM they take to load, split into 15 projects - 2500 pictures, plenty of video, plus some animated sections, ie with maps etc. It’s all good fun!


      However when I now export media there is a lag evident on the audio track. Not a great one but it does tend to look out of sync, even with the video clips which were recorded at 50fps. Also some of the video and animations look jerky.


      What is the best solution to this? I could shift the audio track along slightly, but that won't solve the jerkiness problem.


      If I set up new sequences at 25fps, would I be able to simply copy over all the components from the 50fps sequence? I am worried with this option that any edit points say between pictures that happen on an 'odd' frame will cause problems. Would it solve the problem anyway?


      Is there an even simpler solution, ie a setting I can apply when exporting the media?







      Source: 1280x720 (1.0), 50.00fps, Progressive, 48ppp Hz Stereo

      Output: PAL, 1280x720, 25fps, Progressive AAC 256kbps, 48Khz, Stereo, VBR, 1 Pass, Target 4.00, Max Mbps


      (Not all of which I understand)