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    Sharepoint + RoboHelp

    wesacalypso Level 1
      Hi! Is anyone using Sharepoint as a version control for RoboHelp. We've just installed Sharepoint on our server and my boss wants us to use it for version control. I was wondering if anyone is doing this now and if you are, how is it going and is it complicated to do?


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          Ian_botw Level 1
          Bill, We are working on implementing a sharepoint / Robohelp solution. Using Sharepoint as repository for MS word source documents to get version control benefits of Sharepoint. Robohelp will be used to import the word docs, and publish back to another Sharepoint document library. No editing will be done in Robohelp.
          BUT.... we are having a problem impprting from Sharepoint. The Sharepoint doc library is mapped as a network place, but does not show up in the Robohelp import dialog under "My network Places".
          I would be very interested if you could try this out, and let me know if you get the same issue.