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    After Effects CS5.5 and Nvidia 9800GTX


      Hi guys,   there's think I'v been thinking about.



      I've got a Nvidia 9800GTX and I'm currently using After Effects CS5.5, I know there's a thing that makes you "edit" faster using the power of the GPU (I know that with the Quadro family).  But my question is.  Does my 9800GTX work on AF Cs5.5? Cause I see it slow when rendering... Some people say yes the 9800GTX works, some say no... I really dont know...  The OpenGL works but is no the same right?..



      Well, just help please!



      Many thanks!!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          In After Effects, the type of card doesn't matter much.  It doesn't use it.  Fast processors and a lot of memory are more important.  If you need a good card for other applications, you get it for the other applications.


          Open GL acceleration is a bad thing to use for rendering in AE.  It's fine for previewing, but not for rendering.  It doesn't help much.  Most of the time, it hurts rather than helps.  Adobe employees don't use Open GL to accelerate rendering.  This should tell you something about the usefulness of Open GL. 


          Since this forum is on Adobe's web site, I am confident that Adobe employees will check in and correct me if I'm wrong.

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            Zaikar Level 1



            My main question is about if the 9800GTX is used like te Quadro series.


            Cause I saw that there's a way to "simulate" a Quadro card with a 9800Gtx, but that was some time ago, and I really dont know if nowadays that's necesary or the new After Effects uses the 9800Gtx series aswell as the Quadro...