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    record button does not work

    I Love Doing Websites Level 1



      I am trying to capture my film from my cannon mini dv zr500 to my computer.


      I can see the image from the camera on my computer, on adobe on location, the record button is there, but I press it and nothing happens


      Any help please??



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Try hitting the Record button on the camera.

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            I am having a similar issue. I am running Master Collection 5.5, OnLocation, Mac OS Lion, MacBook Pro w/8gb RAM. I have a Sony DV camera hooked up via firewire.


            I can see the video feed in OnLocation and can hear the audio. The record button in OnLocation does not respond when I want to record a playback from DV tape. I have tried for hours to find conflicts in software and had no luck.


            Here is the interesring part. I can capture inside of Premiere Pro. I ended up using the capture in Premiere to get the video off the DV tape.


            I have uninstalled and reinstalled the OL, and rebooted countless times. I am frustrated. A lot of money was spent on this. From my perspective OnLocation is broken. I have used my laptop to go to a client site and capture and log clips and now that ability is lost. I cannot spend a bunch of time on this.


            Lastly, I have seen previous posts saying disable the web cam. What about an iSight camera in iOS?  Does that interfere?