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    Complex situation looking for easy solution

    pplschmp2 Level 1

      Here we go. My company is looking for a way to easily reuse content from InDesign onto web pages and also be able to generate a PDF from content ona web page. For example, We would create an InDesign file for use for print, then we would like to repurpose that content onto a web page (without duplicating it, perhaps via XML). Once on the website, we would like users to be able to pick and choose what web pages they would like to generate a PDF from. Is there a solution like this out there that we are overlooking? I see lots of possibility but nothing quite exact... Any thoughhts or direction would begreatly appreciated.

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          There are a million options, none of them good.


          What kind of documents are you talking about? Textbooks or business cards? :-)


          Are you familiar with XML? Are you an XML expert? If not, I'd recommend running screaming from it.

          The critical question is what your input looks like and what you want your output to look like.

          Without that information, well, it's really tough to say anything.