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    Premiere scopes reading footage from FCP7 wrong

    Glitchdog Level 1

      I just imported HDV footage (1080i 60 originally digitized into FCP7) into PP 5.5 and the scopes are way off till I add a default color corrector. Example: when looking at the raw untouched HDV footage in PP any given clip will show on the vectorscope like it is mostly blue, but on the program monitor it looks fine. Even the waveform is a bit off. Then when I add, say the fast color corrector w/default settings/no adjustment suddenly it looks accurate. For instance the vectorscope will immediately show flesh tones leaning slightly to the red w/nothing showing a strong blue as before. I'm new to PP, so I'm guessing this is some simple user error on my part. Just in case I did check my sequence settings to make sure they matched the footage and they appear to be fine. Thoughts?