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    Using Web Service to populate a CFSELECT

    sbudlong Level 1

      I have a WSDL and that I use to grab employee information. I want to query the WSDL to get a complete list of staff and display the names

      in a CF dropdown, with the emplID as the value. I've tried a few variations on this






      <cfinvokeargument name = "distID" value="2" />

      <cfinvokeargument name = "somePage" value="1" />



      <cfselect name="staff"


      and so on



      This, and the variations on it, returns this error.


      "The value of the attribute Query, which is currently getStaff, is invalid."


      I've done a fair amount of searching using terms like these "coldfusion cfinvoke cfselect" and haven't come up

      with anything that works. What I tried above came from one such online suggestion.


      I can use the WSDL in an array that populates table rows by looping through the WSDL, but I'd rather have the results in a CFSELECT for an administrative

      panel where the user can choose a name, click SUBMIT, which would send the emplID value to an action page which would

      display drill-down information in a table.