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    Flash Builder 4.6 Mac Creative Suite Install Experience Went Ok

    MotionMaker Level 1

      Just wanted to post having successfully installed FB 4.6 on Mac.


      System Macbook Pro

      OS 10.6.8

      CS5 MasterSuite plus CS5.5 Master Suite on top of that. Cannot remember why I still have both but it had to do with a complimentary upgrade due to purchase date of CS5.

      Had both FB 4 and FB4.5. Cannot remember why I still have both.


      I had downloaded the FB6 dmg file from the Adobe site.


      What I did:

      I removed FB4.5 but not not remove FB4 using the uninstall icon in the FB4.5 folder.

      One that starts make sure you uncheck all the installed software and then just check FB to uninstall. Really easy to uninstall the whole suite!

      Then I clicked the downloaded FB6 dmg file.

      I choose Trial Version.

      I had two items to install presented to me.

      One was FB. This I could check.

      One was AIR. This I could not check as it reported it found a trial release that prevented it from being selected. No advice about proceeding or stopping and taking other action.

      I proceeded anyway.


      Then I launced FB6 and it went right in.


      Now I will have to try it and see if that AIR item was something that will cause me some suffering.