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    Camera Setting for Canon HFM31


      I uploaded a whole bunch of video with my Canon Vixia HFM31 camera. I had set my camera for the second best setting recording mode FXp 17mbps, Frame rate 60i...I assumed this setting was 720 60i lite, but after I would upload I would place a picture on the work space and then I would get a warning that it wasn't the right setting. I think it reads HD1080. Anyway, my pans and tilts sometimes jumps or studders a bit, making the shot not smooth. When I watch in the preview it is smooth. I thought maybe by redering the clip it would show better, but it doesn't seem to render. So, I'm wondering if the work area format is correct. Can someone please let me know what the best uploading setting is for a Canon Vixia HFM31. I have over 2 hours of footage and 3 days of work, there must be a simple solution to make my camera movements look as smooth as they do on the camera.