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    Flex Mobile: Improve List Itemrenderer recycling performance

    VivD Level 1

      I am displaying a full screen image list i.e. full image is displayed and user can swap left or right for new images. I noticed that once the user swipes the next image takes a second or so to show up.


      If I set useVirtualLayout = false, the images show up immediately on swipe, like they are preloaded. However it takes an enormous amount of time to load initiallly.


      On reading a bit about this virtual layout concept, I figured out that this is due to recycling of itemrenderers that takes place by default (useVirtualLayout = true).


      So my question is, is there anyway the performance of the recycling can be improved so it shows up the images immediately i.e. while swiping. I thought flex creates 2 more itemrenderers than what is visible on the screen, which in my case should be 3. So ideally the next image should show up immediately. Doesn't look like that is the case though.