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    Sound files not importing


      I have a problem while trying to import any sound file into flash CS5.5. I have not successfully done it since purchasing the program. I have tried opening the file in a sound editor and saving it, as well as trying to convert to a different sound type that is still Flash compatible. I'm trying with .mp3 and .wav files mostly. The error messages i receive are "Couldn't import C://*file location* or else i get"One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them." I havent figured out a pattern as to why either might be showing or the connection to the file.

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          there may be something wrong with the mp3. sometimes i receive mp3 files from clients that i can't import into flash. when that happens, i drag the mp3 into iTunes, select the file, click advanced, click create mp3 version. iTunes creates a new mp3 file which i click and drag out of iTunes (which creates a copy of that new file) into my job folder. flash imports the mp3 i dragged into the job folder. then i go back and delete both versions out of iTunes.


          note: if you don't see that option in iTunes, go to iTunes preferences > general > import settings > mp3 encoder