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    moving clips on a timeline

    Paul Ciotti2

      I want to move a sequence of five clips from the end of my video to somewhere on the beginning. It's not as easy as moving a clip a couple of spaces left or right on the timeline. I've tried erasing the clips and copying them to the beginning but they cover up my other clips. I've tried moving them to an empty timeline but they won't copy there. They copy instead to the video1 timeline. So basically I have two questions here. What's the easy way to move a clip from the end of a video to the beginning (please don't say just capture it and move it to the left); and how do I copy clips to video2 or video3. They want to seem to go to video1 no matter what I do.


      thanks and best wishes


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You dont say which version of the program you're using, but there are various features affecting the answer in each.


          But you should be able to just select all of the clips you want to move and then drag them to where you want to insert them. The other clips will split at that point and slide to the right to accommodate your inserted sequence.


          You can also split the timeline yourself and drag all of the video and audio to the right of that point down to make your for your to drop in your new sequence.


          If you choose to use copy and paste, note that most versions of the program only paste to video track 1.

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            Paul Ciotti2 Level 1

            Thanks Steve. Actually I posted the message last night I tried something I had never tried before. After I selected all the clips to move I used the blackslash button to shrink everything to a single screen so I didn't have to try to move the clips across 50 other clips in a series to steps (which took forever). Shrinking everything to a single screen seems to work fine for moving clips along the timeline and elimiated the tediousness of what I was trying to do.


            On the matter of clips only pasting to track 1. Now, thanks to you, that I understand that that's a feature of Premiere Elements 9, I'll just paste to the tend of track 1 and the use the cursor to move them up to track 2.