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    Importing an ste file into CS5.5

    whatalotofrubbish Level 1

      I have successfully imported many sites into CS5.5, but the latest one has me beat!

      It imports, and the folders and files are all in similar places to the other sites on my machine, located in C:/inetpub/wwwroot/sitename/

      Whatever I put in the site definition boxes, I cannot get this site to preview correctly in a browser on my machine.

      All I get is a file not found message, even though the path shown in the browser will access the file if I use the browser directly and don't go via dreamweaver.

      If I leave the testing server box empty, then I can preview what the pages look like, but any active content - like accessing a database - just shows a listing of the page and no preview.

      If I tell set up a testing server, and include a web url, it totally ignores this and tries to test on the remote web server, which is not on for a database type system, where a single error can ruin the data.

      Something is wrong, but I cannot work it out

      Windows 7 64 bit CS5.5 is what I am using.

      Here are snips of the site setup dialog:







      Can anyone assist please?

      Howard Walker

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Your testing server model probably should be ASP VBScript, no?  Not sure if that would make this difference....  And your "Web URL" for the testing server probably should be http://localhost/bcef.  That might just do the trick.

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            whatalotofrubbish Level 1

            Thanks Murray, but I have just tried that and it does not function. I never use VBscript, but just to ensure I also installed the deprecated server behaviours.

            The files are in the same folder as every other site on my system, all of which have been imported using an ste file.

            This is the only one that does not work, Its also the only one other than a php site that has any scri[pt language installed. It all works fine in CS4 on XP service pack 3 and has done for years.

            The strange thing is that when it comes up with a 404 error, its on an apache server as follows:

              03/12/2011 15:06:26
            Apache/2.2.14 (Win32) DAV/2 mod_ssl/2.2.14 OpenSSL/0.9.8l mod_autoindex_color PHP/5.3.1 mod_apreq2-20090110/2.7.1 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.1

            Is this usual with an asp program?

            I have apache installed for my php sites.

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              I never use VBscript, but just to ensure I also installed the deprecated server behaviours.


              I'll bet you do.  Most ordinary ASP pages are built with VBScript.


              Your later comments indicate to me that your testing server installation is incorrect.  I'm guessing you have it set up for Apache not IIS.  That means that the VBScript code is being passed to Apache which is understandably barfing.  Normally, on setting up a dual-purpose testing server like this, you need to also specify the port in the web url, e.g.,








              The top one would go to Apache (let's say) and the bottom one would go to IIS


              I'm not great on these details, but I'm sure there is someone else here who is....

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                whatalotofrubbish Level 1

                Thanks for looking into things for me Murray. My PHP server which is Xammp looks for asp on port 80 (though not the usual type of asp), as does IIS (and Skype by default!) so I need to be able to use another port on IIS which may be problematical. Usually PHP is on another port, 88 I think without checking.


                I agree that most are built with VBscript. All my asp pages stare with



                or similar, and I never had a problem with them before.


                The problem lies with IIS7, which was not set up correctly on my machine, until I just re-booted it after some 12 hours work on this problem, and now find that I can access the IIS Manager tool.

                It seems that in their wisdom, Microsoft decided not to install either IIS or  asp by default, or to provide any 64 bit drivers for Microsoft access databases, Not only that, they supply a tool called Microsft web platform installer which is supposd to set up IIS for you. After 6 failed installations of this tool, and a windows repair, as it killed my machine almost, I finally managed to install IIS. It then needed a massive set of updates which were supplied automatically when I re-booted, and "Bisto" - I have a working IIS manager that does not  need a password or username, like the old one did.


                It seems that the only way to run an asp + access database on win 7 is to set up IIS to get its odbc drivers from the 32 bit version, which is rather a convoluted way of doing things, though there is a way.

                Looking at the IIS management console, it seems that it also only caters for VBscript, but I only studied it for a minute or so tonight and I may be wrong,but  I may have to change all my javascript files to VBscript!

                There must be millions of sites written to use access databases and asp of all flavours.


                Having spent the last 12 hours trying to get CS5.5 to work with ASP on a 64 bit Win 7 machine, I have decided to use a brand new 32 bit  XP machine that I bought last week together with CS3 or CS4 to maintain my old asp sites. Its not worth the bother of trying to set up IIS on windows 7 when that is the only reason to do so..


                I use Xammp for php, and CS5.5 seems to be able to run html and PHP and display it in a browser without much of a problem.

                Another disapointment with Windows 7 and to a lesser extent with Dreamweaver 5.5!

                Guess I'm just a cynical old stick in the mud!


                By the way, how long will it be before Adobe pulls the plug on being able to run CS3, or CS4 when you have "upgraded"?

                I once did not run CS3 for a few months and I had to re- activate it.

                Have fun.